i’ve decided that i hate trees

you know, i never really had much of an opinion about trees before. sure, they’re nice when they provide shade. they are even nice to look at. but as a semi-new homeowner, i’ve now discovered that trees are the bane of my existence.

you see, trees have leaves. this, by itself, may not seem like quite the revelation. but consider this: leaves fall. that’s right, they fall. on the ground. in my yard. in the way. they make a huge mess. and, suffice it to say that when i come home and see a ton of leaves all over the place, it is not cool. it also looks like the garbage/yard waste people don’t pick up big piles of leaves. so that means that i need to mash them up into smaller piles that don’t blow away!

i think i’m going to run my lawnmower over the leaves to tear them up and then make piles. but man, all this work for some stupid leaves. yup, i hate trees.

3 thoughts on “i’ve decided that i hate trees”

  1. Ooh, what about one of those lawnmowers that instantly grind up the cuttings and put them back into the ground as mulch/fertilizer? Then you wouldn’t need to collect bags of leaves or grass or anything.

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