guitar hero iii for the wii

so i got guitar hero iii last night. it’s tons of fun. the easy mode is actually pretty easy and starts to drag a little towards the end because all throughout the easy level, i don’t feel like it gets progressively difficult. but when you hit the medium level, it gets HARD fast.

at least, that’s how i felt about it.

the in-game story is entertaining, though the tutorials move a little too slow for my tastes. having the wireless guitar with the wii is very cool and the use of the wii controller’s internal speaker was well done.

the only gripe i have about this game is that only bundles are sold for the wii. this means that if you want to have two guitars, you’re going to have to buy two bundles. this makes me very, very upset and is probably the most disappointing thing about the game. two bundles at the cost of around $90 each is not very friendly on the wallet. i’ve only opened one guitar so far, though i’ve bought two. i am debating whether or not i should wait for either a third party accessory to come out or to see if red octane will do the right thing and start to sell extra guitars as accessories. my money is on me opening the second guitar before that happens, unfortunately. it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, but i’m sure i can battle out my aggressions in the game.

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