windows vista external usb hard drive issues

after getting a brand new windows vista laptop, i was pretty excited to see what all the hubbub was all about with vista. yeah, there was a lot of bad press about the OS and yeah, it is rumored to be slower, so why go with vista? well, we’re gonna eventually move there anyway, so i figured we might as well make the plunge now.

the biggest issue i’ve come across so far is that the default windows vista drivers do not correctly identify the external usb hard drive that we have. in fact, none of our external drives worked out of the box. and the fix was actually not very easily found for me, anyway.

but here’s the fix that worked for me in case anyone else runs into the same issue that i found from here:

1) go to c:\windows\inf
2) change the permissions of INFCACHE.1 so that you can delete it.
3) delete this file.
4) reboot.
5) plug in drive and it worked for me.

One thought on “windows vista external usb hard drive issues”

  1. Endelig en løsning som funket.Godt at der fins slike som deg slik at vi andre kan få litt drahjelp i Vista jungelen.
    GREAT! solution !!

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