little home improvement

it’s coming to that point where we are working on the little things on the home to make life better. after replacing our chandelier, i decided that we really need a dimmer switch to operate the new track lighting.

after checking out home depot’s dimmer switch selection, i must say that i’m pretty disappointed with the design of dimmer switches. a lot of the designs require two different methods to operate the switch. there’s a method to turn it on and off, another for dimming operations. some of the dimming switches were really awkward to operate. i just wanted a simple dimmer to turn on and off the lights. is that too much to ask for?

i finally found one and installed it last night. this time, i turned off the power to the switch before changing it. i didn’t want to get shocked again. =P

2 thoughts on “little home improvement”

  1. when we first moved into our house, our three way switches were all messed up. i don’t know who installed them, but when all three switches were in the down position, the lights would be on. now who would be so retarded as to wire the switches so that if everything is switched “off” it would turn the light on?

    so i decided that i would remove the face plates and turn the switches around so that it would work the right way. i figured that i would be careful enough that i wouldn’t need to turn off the power, but i was wrong and got shocked. after the first shock, i turned off the power at the circuit breaker.

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