hard drive failure…

ugh, hard drive issues again…

my main storage drive failed on me and so it’s time now for me to start thinking about how i am going to solve my storage needs. how much storage is enough these days? i was surviving with around 500GB, but it was starting to feel pretty cramped. i’ve also been doing very bad things and i think it’s time for me to take storage and backup more seriously. no one ever does, and i’ve been lucky thus far, but i guess the time is right.

i’ve been toying with the idea of getting some kind of NAS device for my main storage and a large-ish removable drive for faster backups. we’ll see how this works out.

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  1. I’ve been using a WiebeTech RTX-400SV eSata enclosure along with a ReadyNAS 600 and a Drobo. The WiebeTech runs at internal hard drive speeds, meaning it’s plenty quick. The ReadyNAS is network ready, allowing everyone in the house to access files. The Drobo is used more as a giant backup drive than anything else. The USB speeds I’m getting are unfortunately a bit too slow for real-world use.

  2. that wiebetech device costs about the same as my laptop budget! it looks niiiiice, though.

    i think my needs are going to be more basic, though.

  3. I told you how I have 2×750 drives for the media center, and then 3×750 drives for the backup of that right?

  4. looks like there are about as many different ways to do storage and backup as there products out there. i’m still trying to figure out what’s the best solution for me, but i’m starting to narrow down my choices.

  5. gg! oh my gosh, i totally didn’t get it until now. you’re pushing apple products because you must be an apple employee! man, am i slow on the uptake! =P

    i gave the time capsule a good look, though, on your suggestion. if i was looking to get a 802.11n router and hard drive space, this would be a no-brainer. the cost for that built in router and storage is at a good enough price point where i’d get it.

    but here’s where i feel the time capsule falls short:
    1) i run a mostly windows network, so time machine doesn’t apply to me.
    2) because i run a windows network, the time capsule just becomes a file and print server for me…oh and an 802.11n router. that’s nice, but $500 for a single drive with no redundancy is a little expensive.
    3) i don’t run a 802.11n network, so having the access point doesn’t do anything for me…plus, i kind of like my current router.
    4) no easy upgrade path.

    thanks for the suggestion, though! =) if i were to throw away all my computers today and had an unlimited budget, i actually would give the time capsule a good hard look though. the macbook pros look awfully nice with speedy processors. and all the hardware just looks so sexy…

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