meeting up with geoff

last night geoff and i met up in palo alto at taxi’s. i’ve never been there before and their burgers and curly fries were pretty good. i can’t remember when the last time i ate a burger. it was good catching up with geoff. it’s been a while since we last saw each other and so many things have come to pass.

i’ve known geoff now since college. back in the day, we were computer game obsessed guys trying to eke out a few more hours in a day to play a few more hours of doom or quake or whatever the game of choice was back then.

times have changed. we are homeowners, have bills to pay, have careers, and most recently have wives. wives. man. talk has changed from “duuude, you fragged me!” to “duuude, you gotta refi!” maybe the content of the talk has changed, but the talk is still just as good. we’ve moved on in our lives, but we’ve moved on together. that’s sort of how it is with many of my friends. we’ve been friends for so long, some from as long as middle school.

after catching up we said our goodbyes and headed home. i remember back in the day when a bunch of us would make the trek out all the way to palo alto just to get a drink of coffee or tea and hang out. it brought back some nostalgic memories. maybe in my old age inertia has caught up with me and i’ve grown lazy to go out and see the sights. maybe it’s just that i’ve seen all the sights. =P

…or maybe it’s because rock band was invented.