trying to find that moment of zen

it’s been pretty stressful here at work lately. there’s been a lot of stuff going on which has directly led to the decline of my quality of life. i have been working pretty hard at things that don’t have any documentation or even worse are documented wrong.

all of yesterday was spent being pissed at developers who don’t write good documentation. of course, as a developer, i hate writing documentation so i feel for them, but when it’s this important, a couple of comments in the code would help, wouldn’t it? ugh.

so like i said, i was pretty stressed yesterday to the point where i had to go home and just take my mind off of work for a while. good progress was made after a few hours of rest, but still, it wasn’t until after a bad night’s sleep that i finally figured out what was wrong. there’s still much work that needs to be done, but at least things are moving along…

it used to be that i would get a lot of satisfaction from figuring out how to do something, but lately, i think that the frustration of things not working recently has had an additive effect. ps3 streaming has been a little troublesome. i need to spend a little time to debug it, i hope it’s not network latency issues, but if it is, there’s an easy fix for it. if it is something else, i’m afraid that the resolution of the matter will mean that i will have to give up on my NAS dream.

work has been a little troublesome too. i have finally figured out everything that was ailing me, and though it was only about a day’s worth of work and frustration, it weighed heavily on me.

ah well, at least i’ve got a pearl tea drink with me now. that’s helping a bit. =)