status on the guitar hero 3 exchange

so i sent in my guitar hero 3 disc to activision so that they can replace the disc with a fixed stereo version of the game. this won’t really affect people who don’t have their wiis connected to a stereo system of some sort, but for me, it was a huge issue.

it took about two weeks for them to receive and process the disc. what is it that they are doing exactly? do they run some kind of disc analyzer to see if the disc is actually the flawed one? i doubt it. it also seems like they are using some rebate fulfillment company, so it must be as simple as get disc, replace disc, mail disc. oh well. they’ve been good about emailing me to keep me in the loop about the status of my exchange, though. it’s been a much better experience in that regards.

but man, SLOW. i just got the above notice that told me that they just mailed the disc, but to allow up to 15 days for delivery! how are they delivering it?? i guess they really are using snail mail.