no more guitar hero for a while

we got guitar hero for the wii when it came out. it turns out that the wii version of guitar hero has a pretty serious bug in that the dolby pro logic II audio only outputs mono sound. worse yet, the surround speakers will start to output sound intermittently!

activision’s official fix for this is to issue replacement discs with the bugfix. the problem is that you have to mail in your disc to them first before you can get the fixed disc! the expected turnaround time for a replacement disc is three to four weeks. ridiculous! it’s too bad that they couldn’t distribute some kind of software patch. that would have been much better. oh well.

so anyway, i sent in my disc this week. i guess i’ll just have to play rock band some more. i actually haven’t been playing that much rock band, it’s hard to rock it out in a band of one.