what seems like a long weekend

a bunch of the guys got together on friday night and we tried out the latest command and conquer expansion pack. that’s right…a LAN party. there i’ve said it. it’s true. our first LAN party was probably over 15 years ago and it seems that things haven’t changed much. actually, that isn’t true, we probably only played for a few hours and then gave it up. there were some rock band breaks and also some dessert breaks. we just aren’t the hard core gamers that we once were. all of us were also playing on laptops. i guess technology has progressed enough where we can do that now.

aside from that, i also replaced the air filter for our central air. it turns out that filters are really only good for about 3 months. i don’t know how long this filter has been there, but from the looks of it, i would say that it’s been many years.

on saturday we met with up steve and alisa. alisa has been traveling a lot for work, so when she’s back in town, we’ll try to meet up. it was another meal at sushi maru which i don’t think that i can tire of anytime soon.

mimi and alice also came by on saturday when they were on a break from some kind of pan pacific gymnastics competition held at san jose state. there was some rock band going on.

sunday was spent resting and relaxing for the most part. i did a second load of dishes in our new dishwasher. that was exciting. is it sad that i think that doing a load of dishes exciting? perhaps so. but the dishwasher is NEW. it took me a lot longer than i expected to install it. and it’s BEAUTIFUL.

ok, anyway, the weekend came and went and it’s back to grind for me.