playstation firmware 2.30

with the latest firmware upgrade, i thought i’d give the ps3 another try as my media center. most notably my biggest pet peeve revolves around the ps3 and the way that sony has implemented streaming video. i’ve got the DLNA-certified server set up, so it’s all about the ps3’s ability to play video. i am still getting the dreaded: “This content cannot be played. (80028801)” error.

it seems like it’s just a matter of the ps3 getting better codec support, but so far i’m still disappointed. if you’re going to implement divx playback, get good xvid and codec support! please!

*EDIT* it appears that the ps3 is consistently failing and sending that error whenever i pause the video and then restart it. this is sort of new behavior, i wonder if it has anything to do with the streaming server… *sigh*