eli stone

i can’t believe that it is already time to air the season finale of eli stone. in what is probably this season’s best dramedy, eli stone has managed to capture a soft spot for my heart. it feels a little ally mcbeal-ish with some of the insanity that comes about in the law offices, but at the end of the day eli stone takes hold of you and opens up a world of possibility.

yes, some of the storylines were a little hard to follow and watch early on, but the last few episodes where eli has really started to come to grips with his visions have really tapped into the potential of the show. sure, the silliness of george michael references is a little overboard. sure, the fact that every episode is named after a george michael song seems a little suspect, but this show is not a vehicle for george michael to kickstart his career. that’s just a happy consequence.

if you have not seen the show at all, go watch them. it is fantastic and worth every minute…even with commercials.

POS failure

POS as in Point Of Sale. i was at a mexican restaurant last night and i made my order and the windows-based touch screen register crashed. the register application failed and they couldn’t figure out how to relaunch the app. they get double clicking the icon and nothing would happen. this went on for a few minutes and then they called the owner of the restaurant.

the owner informed them that they should just double click the icon, but still, no go.

finally, they decided to reboot the register and after a fairly lengthy reboot, the cash register was working again.

you know, cash registers are one of those things that you just don’t expect to fail and once they do you have no idea what in the world to do. while waiting for my change, i ate half of my dinner that i was originally planning to eat back at home. i enjoyed their tacos though, they were delicious!