gravatar support

i’ve added gravat support into the comment section of the blog and lo and behold, no one uses gravatars. big surprise there as i’ve never even heard of a gravatar until a few weeks ago. oh well, maybe it’ll catch on. otherwise, i guess i’ll be the only one with a picture next to my comments. =P

swiss miss’ new marketing campaign

the office got a new order of instant swiss miss milk chocolate with marshmallow packets and on the packaging prominently displayed is:

“As Much Calcium as a Glass of Milk”

wow. really? you’re going to try to market this stuff as being healthy for you? i mean, that’s great for me, but not so great for people who believe that drinking this will be as good for you as drinking milk. i guess you gotta get your calcium somewhere, though.

dan in real life

sometimes a movie will suck you in and completely take you by surprise. the movie that did that to me in the first few minutes was dan in real life. i love characters who show some insight and dan’s youngest daughter tells him early in the movie when asked why his other daughters are upset at him, “you’re a good father, but sometimes a bad dad.” it’s one of those moments in a movie where i did a double take. there are few times when watching a movie that you are struck by something that someone said that leaves a lasting impression.

it’s true that this movie is completely formulaic and predictable. why then is it that i like the movie so much? i think part of it is that there were some better than expected performances by steve carell and dane cook. part of it is that there was some great writing and dialogue between characters. i love the interactions between steve carell and his youngest daughter.

the basic story, though, is one that you would think i wouldn’t like. it’s about a guy who falls for a girl who turns out to be his brother’s girlfriend. there is a moral struggle between the guy and this girl who actually falls for the guy more than her current beau. whatever are they to do?

i think the movie ends rather abruptly and ties itself up neatly and too quickly, but for some reason i forgive the movie for bailing out so quickly on me and giving it a quick ending. still, i think it’s well worth the watch and i give it a strong recommendation.