setting a 5-1

for the very first time in my life, i set a 5-1 in volleyball. usually, there are at least two setters per team on the court. each setter will set for 3 rotations and then they will switch from being a setter to a normal player. when i was first approached to be a setter a few years ago on my monday team, i was terrified because i had never set before. my sets were ugly, it felt like i was slapping the ball instead of setting it.

time went by and i got better. i had a good teacher to start off with, the other setter on my team really helped me learn the fundamentals. i went to a clinic and that really helped correct some of the really bad habits that i had back in the day. i started to play as a setter and gradually started to gain confidence.

but still that experience did not prepare me for subbing last night. i thought that i was a decent setter before, but after looking at the setting in that gym last night, i think i’m a crappy setter. every set was BEAUTIFUL. every set was spot on. it’s crazy. it was then that i realized that i was out of my league. and then on top of that i was the only setter for the team…

it was a fun night, though. a little tough, but fun.