twitter tools hiccup

looks like twitter tools might not like not having a tweet a day. oh well. i’ve decided that i’m going to try to keep the blog more blog-like and only have weekly updates of tweets in blog format.

there’s been a lot going on lately, but i have just been too tired and too busy to sit down and blog. but let me see if i can recap:

koda is going to puppy training class again. he’s doing better this time around, i think mostly because kiara isn’t there. i swear, when those two dogs are together, they stop listening to the rest of the world.

i have started to fix things again around the house. it almost seems like things break faster around the house than i can fix them, but i will get it all done, i swear! there’s a big to do list:
1) replace all door knobs in the house.
2) install new faucets in master and guest bathrooms.
3) install new overhead light in master bath. it’s been nearly two years, i just gotta go and do it. hopefully not electrocute myself in the process. the breakers are SO far from the upstairs…
4) landscape. ugh, this has been haunting me for a long time now. i have hated our front yard for a long time. did you know that the city of san jose has passed an ordinance that makes it illegal to water your yard when it is daylight?
5) repaint the front door. the problem with this is that you have to keep the door open ALL day while the paint dries. gotta wake up super early in the morning to get it done right. i’m trying to see if there’s a way i can screen off the front door so that we don’t get a zillion flies in the house while the door is drying…
6) make that MAME arcade already! where is it going to go??

so yeah, there’s a lot to do. i’m dropping all of my nights of volleyball for a while. with work and everything else to do, i need some time to just get stuff done.

i spent about an hour last weekend hacking away at a dead tree in front of our house. i got about half of it cleared away and decided to call it quits. i think i need a saw. i’m about ready to tear apart everything else in the front yard, but i have no idea what to replace it with. anybody have any landscaping ideas?