recently with the iphone

in my spare time, i am always trying to find ways to grow my iphone addiction. =P

probably my favorite game of the moment is flight control. what’s crazy about this game is that the object of the game is incredibly simple: safely land planes. i don’t know why this game is so addicting but it is great fun.

another game, an oldie, but goodie that i have just discovered is peggle. a pretty fun game, though it is a little disappointing that the features of the hardware weren’t exploited further.

the best app, though, that i’ve seen so far is orb live. absolutely fantastic if you have a home server that is connected to the internet and you want to make your video accessible to your iphone. originally i was going to try tversity, but from what i understand, it needs to transcode all of the content before it can be sent to the iphone and that it just too time consuming for me.

orb, on the other hand, will let you stream your video on the fly. you have to install a server component and the iphone client costs a whopping $10, but the technology works great over wifi and is usable over 3G. if you want to stream your content from a media server, orb is a great and easy solution.

koda’s newest trick

christi has been encouraging koda to learn a new trick. this trick, however, is pretty disturbing. christi hates spiders and she has been encouraging eating to “go get them”. in his world that means to go eat them. after he has eaten the spider christi praises him and cheers him on.

when i saw koda do this, i told him to go give christi kiss and spread all the leftover spider legs over her. yuck! not quite the trick that i would have wanted koda to learn!