twitter celebrities

it seems pretty obvious to me that celebrity status actually makes a big difference in my level of interest of what you have to say when it comes to twitter. i don’t know very many people in real life who tweet, so the bulk of the people i follow are celebrities of some sort.

like, is it really interesting that someone is going to take their first nap in years? it doesn’t seem that interesting. but when @brookeburke tells you that she’s about to take a nap, it somehow is just fascinating. i don’t get it myself, but that’s how it is.

is it a little pathetic that i got excited that @lisaloeb4real is following me? they played lisa loeb while i was at lowe’s today. speaking of lowe’s, i went to the customer service center and asked if they could print a registry for me. they said that they don’t do registries and so i asked if she meant that they can’t print them online. no, they don’t do registries, she says. so i tell her that that’s weird because i made one online and i was just looking at it the other day. she asked someone else about it and they printed up the registry for me. she was nice about it and apologized for the confusion.