Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-21

  • just shot a portrait in real world conditions with my 85mm f/1.2L. that lens needs more use b/c the pix that come out of it are amazing. #
  • stream torrent is a fabulous and amazing thing. quality isn't anything to write home about, but better than nothing! #
  • Found my m2m CD. Just as fantastic as the day I got it. #
  • why are the refs in the OAK/SD game wearing red and white uniforms?? #
  • 4th and 15 and you go for it w/ jamarcus russell as your QB AND you go for it?? AND THEN you score a touchdown. man, gutsy play calling. #
  • poor raiders…it looked so good for them, but at the end of the day, the chargers managed to pick up the win. #
  • most of monday night football was seen today courtesy of p2p tv streaming. saw the second half of MNF only because raiders sold out @ home. #
  • RT @SebastienPage Tutorial: Jailbreak Your iPhone 3G 3.0 With PwnageTool For Mac #
  • I keep forgetting that a lot of jailbroken apps may not work immediately after upgrade. I have a semi-crippled iPhone now. #
  • giving mika's new album _the boy who knew too much_ a listen. pretty good stuff. if you liked his last album, you'll like this one. #
  • just spent the last several hours debugging an issue and finally found out what was wrong. the fix: 1 line of code! i need a cooke break. #
  • Cookies or fruit? Such a tough choice. #
  • The Pizza Box in San Jose serves pizzas as large as 26 inches wide. 30 square pieces of pizza! #
  • The Pizza Box in San Jose #
  • soooo tired… #
  • Couldn't help myself with this hot weather. Got some pearl tea to cool down. #
  • get SlingPlayer on iPhone to work over 3G #

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