some days…

some days i feel like i’ve almost got it all together and then the weekend comes. i think the weekends are the hardest. during the week i can keep myself busy enough with work that the days seem to fly by without much incident. it’s the weekends that get tricky. during the week, i wake up so early in the morning that by the time i get home i’m exhausted and the days become very short. during the weekends, though…well, that’s another story. i’ve been trying to sleep as much as i can, but unfortunately because of my weekday schedule i end up waking up pretty early in the mornings.

there’s not much that i have to do on the weekends and there appears to be boundless amounts of time. i’ve been slightly preoccupied with the xbox, but the novelty of it is beginning to wear off and i’m not sure if any of the games really holds my attention for any amount of time.

the weird thing with games and me is that if the game is too hard, i’m turned off. if the game is too easy, i finish it too quickly and then i’m bored again. there are few games where i end up getting really hooked. i guess tetris is one of those games.

anyway, i ended up cancelling all of my evening plans tonight because i just wasn’t up for it. man, i’ve been so moody lately it’s rather upseting. i’m sure it will all pass. what kills me more are the sympathetic looks from my friends. i know that they are well-intentioned, but i don’t really need sympathy. i don’t need someone to help me, i don’t need someone to talk to…really, i don’t. i’m just a little bummed out. i’ll get over it.