short day?

the day just feels shorter. that’s the only way that i know how to describe it. i’m looking forward to going home and maybe taking a little nap before tonight’s volleyball game. i haven’t been very diligent with my ankle exercises, though. but my ankle is getting better and better each week, so i’m optimistic. i’m hoping that i can start working on some of my lost jumping height soon, but i don’t want to force it.

brad keeps arranging these volleyball afternoons in the park and i wish that i could go and play, but i feel like it’s still too much for me to do so. oh well. maybe in another month or so. at least my net is benig put to good use.

i think that i am going to go and research some good slace flash units when i get home today. i think that it would definitely be helpful to have another flash or two in my setup.


daylight savings

six months ago i wrote very specific code in one of my applications to account for the daylight savings time shift. but i only wrote it for when time shifts backwards, not forwards. today, i get into work and something’s broken because i forgot that daylight savings happens twice in a year, once moving forward and once moving backwards. oops.

oh well, it was a simple enough fix anyway, but it got my morning off to a quick start.

i thought that i would have a lot more trouble today waking up and getting into work. i actually did have a little bit of trouble waking up today, but i just got ready more quickly and left the apartment about 10 minutes late. traffic was light, but it was still dark when i left the apartment.

it was very weird leaving the apartment and it being all dark. i don’t think that i’ve done that in a long, long time. it actually reminded me of when i would leave that early to go to school. man, that was back in middle school or early high school over ten years ago.

man, leaving home while it’s dark…who would have thought that that would be me?


tiring weekend

this was a tiring weekend for me. i spent saturday afternoon with maureen taking pictures. the two of us ventured out to [url=]villa montalvo[/url] where we took some pictures. there’s a sign in the courtyard that says “Professional photography or wedding photography prohibited without permit.” Heh, good thing i’m not a pro!

i think i ended up shooting around 500 images or so, of them, about 90 of them were usable, i thought. i was pretty nervous when i was taking pictures. i guess i felt that there was pressure on my part to make sure that i got good pictures. the last thing i’d want to do is waste all that time and end up with bad pictures to show for it.

so part of the shoot was spent on location and the other part was spent in my apartment in a more controlled environment. i got to use my newly made gels for my flashes and experimented with lighting. man, there’s a lot i have to learn about lighting. the one thing that i realized today was that i also need a small stool. just a simple prop, but i think it’ll go a long way. maybe i’ll head over to IKEA during lunch today.

i learned a lot this weekend about lighting, and i think that i need another light source…or perhaps i need to better allocate the ones i have now. either way, i think i need to buy another flash. i guess it’s time to do some research into what one would use for cheap slave flashes. i’ve heard that some flashes detect that a flash has gone off and use that. i guess i need to see what that means.

maureen has graciously allowed me to post up thumbnails of the shoot.