flash accessories

after some thought, i’ve decided that i need to stop borrowing paul’s flash every time i need to take studio pictures. so today i decided to invest in some more flashes. i’ve been trying to figure out which flash system would best work out for me and i’ve decided to try out something that one of the COBA members suggested.

i just ordered a couple of vivitar 283 flashes and wein hs slave triggers and a ton of batteries. man, these flashes are greedy when it comes to battery consumption. greedy, greedy, greedy. or maybe i’m a little too liberal with the flashing. heh…flashing.

but anyway, all the gear has been ordered and it looks like i’m going to have to go and look at making some more gel filters for my flashes when they come in.

i didn’t think that i would really take to studio photography or all of this elaborate lighting, but it’s actually pretty cool. i want to spend a lot more time experimenting with the lights to see what kind of effects i can pull off. overall, though, i think it’ll be pretty neat stuff to come. i just need to coax a few more models to help me learn how to use all this gear.

i think i am rapidly outgrowning my studio space, though, and i’ll need to find somewhere to set up all of this gear.


chocolate chip bagels?

when did noah’s start making full sized chocolate chip bagels? i know they made the mini chocolate chip bagels and i was actually outraged that they didn’t make the full sized version of them. i used to complain to anita back in college about that during one of our CE lectures.

ahh, those were the good old days. but anyway, it appears that they now make the full sized chocolate chip bagels. mmmmm.

today’s already shaping up to be a pretty good day.