he’s her lobster

the number one viewer’s choice episode of friends is the one with the lobster where rachel learns that ross was got all dressed up so that she wouldn’t miss her high school prom when her date appeared to be a no show. i have to say that is definitely one of my most favorite episodes of friends as well.

i’ve always loved the idea of one true love. the kind of love that lasts forever and ever: without question, without hesitation, without limits. one of the reasons why i loved friends so much is because of the ross/rachel dynamic. the two were meant for each other, and the show played on the struggles that they went through to find each other and make it work.

i suspect that the show is going to end where ross and rachel end up living together and raising emma. it seems a little manufactured and a little unrealistic, but it is a nice ending.

i just watched this other episode of friends (the one with the list) where ross makes a list detailing why he should or should not be with rachel. there was one moment that seemed to sum it all up. when finding reasons for why he should not date julie, his biggest reason was “she’s not rachel.”

that just speaks volumes to the kind of love he has for her. and when he finally tells her that he broke up with julie to be with her, he simply says, “it’s always been you, rach.” it’s just one of those moments where everything in the world seems to come together and make sense. just briefly, all is well with the world.

those are the moments that i think we all live for.


i did some research about slave flashes and i’ve come to the conclusion that slave flashes aren’t necessarily cheap. grrrr. but i’ve decided to go the cheap route and see if it works with my existing flash set up. the cheap route is $35 per slave flash. the less cheap way is a $105 per slave flash. yuck. and i want to get at least two more slave flashes… yuck, indeed. oh well, i guess we’ll see how this one slave goes and if it works out ok i’ll be quite happy and get another one…or two. we’ll see.