[url=http://www.lensbabies.com/index.html]how cool is this?[/url]

if it didn’t cost so much, i’d probably get it. it’s probably just a novelty lens, but it looks very neat. though once can achieve the same effect in photoshop, it’s just kind of cooler to be able to do it in camera.


xbox controller s

i picked up another xbox controller since they were on sale at circuit city yesterday. i only picked up one because i can’t think of a single good 4 player xbox game. it’s a shame that the xbox doesn’t really have a large selection of games. it almost makes me want to go back to the ps2. almost.

what i find myself doing more now than ever is playing super puzzle fighter on the xbox. i looked up ps1 games to see how much they cost and i was quite surprised at how expensive they were still. considering tha the ps1 is an outdated console, the games can still run for as high as $40! that’s just crazy talk!

but alas, i couldn’t find bust-a-move for the ps1. i’m sure it exists somewhere out there. i do enjoy that game quite a bit. i guess i’ll have to stick to my ps2 for that trusty game.

optometry appointment

yesterday, i went to kragen to get some bulbs to replace the broken light bulbs for my brake lights. when i got my oil changed last week, jiffy lube informed me that there were a few bulbs that were broken and they wanted to charge me $6.99 to replace each one. yeah…no thanks, guys, i can change a light bulb. (how many engineers does it take to change…)

but anyway, after i got my light bulb changed, i was walking around and decided to make an optometry appointment in that same plaza. i went to this optometrist many years ago and was pretty happy with the service, and now that the company finally has a vision plan, it’s time to take advantage of it.

i will be doing something that i’ve never done before in my life. i will be getting another pair of glasses, even though my current pair are perfectly good. yup, that’s right, i will be getting a pair of glasses to use as a fasion accessory. oh boy.

but anyway, the optometrist’s assistant was pretty cute. she was very friendly and helpful and answered all of my questions. so i decided to make an appointment and their next available appointment happens to be today. so i’m going in today to get a new pair of glasses and some new contacts, that i desperately need. i think i’m down to my last pair.

i hate picking out new glasses, though. it’s always such a hardship for me. i’m not sure what i’m going to be trying out this time, but we’ll see what i’ll come up with. maybe something a little more sleek and sophisticated.