long week

it’s been a long week for me. i haven’t been sleeping much and i think the lack of sleep is really beginning to wear on me. i’ve been taking the vitamins that my sister got me for my birthday and i think that the extra boost in vitamins actually helped me recover from a nagging cough that i’ve had forever now.

i’m looking forward to the weekend and relaxing a little. hopefully i’ll be able to chill a bit. tomorrow’s going to be spent hanging out with anita, doing the photo shoot, and then heading out for paul’s (surprise) birthday dinner.

i’ve been calling it a surprise birthday dinner because it’s fun to see the mortified look on people’s faces because they’ve already mentioned something about it to paul. i guess that’s sort of sadistic on my part, but it’s fun nonetheless.

i think that i may end up spending a good part of today taking a break from it all though and just take it easy and rest away.