more cookies

i don’t know why i’ve been baking so many cookies lately, but i’ve been baking them by the dozens. i think i made something like 6 dozen cookies last night. i made a double batch. they seem to always disappear so quickly, i don’t know why, but they just fade so fast, so i thought that a double batch was in order. oddly enough when i doubled the recipe, the dough seemed too watery so i had to add some more flour to get it to the consistency that i expected. very strange, i thought.

i’m going to make dinner tonight. i’ve been craving a good dinner at home and i think that i’ll have that chance today to do it.


my brother was admitted to the hospital earlier this week due to abdominal pains that he had felt. it turns out that he had appendicitis and had to have an emergency operation. when they operated, they had found that his appendix had burst. it was supposed to be a fairly routine operation, but it appeared that his recovery was not so routine. his white blood cell count had skyrocketed and there was fear that there was some infection.

when i first visited him earlier this week he was too weak to stay awake for very long and he looked very frail. i went to visit him earlier this morning and the color had returned to his face and he was able to carry conversation quite well. he is being discharged right now.

despite however much my brother and sister bicker and fight, my sister has been in constant touch with him while he was in the hospital and has done everything she can to keep tabs on him and make sure he is doing well.

you know, it’s easy to take family for granted. i mean, they are always there when you need them and you never really suspect that anything would ever change that. i’m glad that my brother appears to be getting better and i hope for a speedy recovery for him.