desperate housewives

did anyone watch the episode last night where gabrielle kissed the still-closeted gay boy to help him figure out if he was indeed gay?

is it considered cheating if you kiss someone who is gay, but of the opposite sex, and you are straight? or vice versa?

hailing craziness

as soon as i got back into the office from lunch it started to rain. the rain started as a steady downpour and then started pounding down on the roof like a jackhammer gone wild.

the raging rain appeared to have no qualms with beating down with the fury of a hamster in heat. it just get going on and on, relentless, with blatant disregard for the poor souls who were caught unaware on the streets.

but then a rather unexpected turn for the worse happened. hailstones the size of foam pellets found in cheap carnival stuffed animals started to plummet from the sky. it isn’t THAT cold here today, but for some reason the hail started to fall and man…it’s been a while since i’ve seen it hail.

the storm came almost as quickly as it left leaving behind cold, wet tidings.

man…i hope the sun comes back…i miss sunny weather.


i am so weak

[url=]proof that i am weak[/url]. i don’t know what happened. well, actually, i do. i was talking to my co-worker and he was telling me about how he wanted to get a new 20″ LCD. i told him about the GREAT deal dell is having right now. $507 for a 20″ widescreen LCD. how can you beat that?

and i went on and on about how great it is and he ended up buying one. i ate lunch and all i could think about was how great the monitor really was. it really is GREAT. and then i started thinking about why i didn’t have one. and then i started thinking about why i shouldn’t get one.

and i couldn’t think of a single good reason.

not one.


and so i got it.

the big question is…what am i going to do with it?