music questions and answers

i was just looking over my [url=]fifty favorite foods[/url] last night and i was getting really hungry. this morning commenter ann asked me a few music questions so i thought i’d answer the friday music three:

1) The CD you last bought?
i’m not positive about this, but i think the last CD i bought was Dido’s Life for Rent. heh…it’s been a while.

2) What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
i think it was howie day’s collide.

3) Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot.

  • r kelly’s ignition remix – this is sort of a recent one. i don’t know why i listen to it so much, it’s got a catchy tune and it just makes me happy.
  • elvis costello’s Alison – i am a big fan of elvis costello. i didn’t discover him until recently, but this song seems to capture his wistful spirit.
  • dido’s life for rent – sort of describes my life, i guess. i think it just gives me some comfort that other people are in the same situation as i am, but i do know that there’s better things to come.
  • bangles’ eternal flame – this is also a real recent listen for me….i mean, i heard it back in the 80s, but there was this comic on comedy central that did this bit with the song and it brought back a flood of memories from a more innocent time. i guess i like the song because it does bring me back to those days.
  • elton john and leonard cohen’s duet born to lose – whenever i am sad, i listen to this song. it’s just so depressing and painful that it oddly gives me comfort because i know then that my problems just aren’t so bad.