signs of an addict

i think you know you are in trouble when you realize that today is wednesday and the first thought that comes to your head is:

oh shoot, i have to watch alias, jack and bobby, lost, smallville, and the west wing tonight! damn wednesdays!

but then after a moment of reflection you realize that yesterday you had to watch committed, house, veronica mars, and gilmore girls…all of which you missed…which means that you are now 4 shows behind plus today’s show.

but then after another moment of thought you realize that tomorrow is thursday. tomorrow is another bad day with CSI, joey, point pleasant, will & grace, and without a trace…

and so after all of this thought, i’ve decided to stop watching the apprentice. whew. now i finally have opened up some time to watch me some TV!

just in time for fridays, because that is when i have to watch andromeda, joan of arcadia, johnny zero, medical investigation, monk, numb3rs, enterprise, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, and maybe third watch. maybe i really should drop numb3rs (which i think is lame) and johnny zero (which is also lame).

yeah…i’m not an addict, really.


speaking of the chantico, if one were to [url=]look up the nutritional information[/url] of the 6 ounce beverage, they may be shocked to learn that in just one serving it contains:

390 calories, 190 fat calories, 21g of fat, 105mg sodium, and 40g of sugars.

but what one would really be surprised to learn is that you also get:
25% of the RDA of calcium and 30% of the RDA of iron.

shoot, if i drink 4 of these a day, i’d get my daily recommended allowance of calcium and iron!


it’s all in the name

whenever i go to order something somewhere and they ask for a name, i try to come up with anything interesting. at jamba juice, i’ve called myself many things like william, bob, joshua, and other such things.

the other day at starbucks while i was ordering my CHANTICO (the greatest beverage of all time, perhaps rivaling the joy that is pearl tea) they asked for my name and i think i told them that my name was josiah. i’m sure [url=]winnie[/url] will get a kick out of how they spelled my name. JOE SYA. I guess looking at me, i look more like a joe sya than a josiah…though i don’t think that sya is pronounced “sigh-ah” anyway, but hey, some thought WAS put into it…