what my life looks like

total number of bugs reported in project (so far): 73
total number of bugs assigned to me: 60
total number of bugs i’ve fixed: 25
total number of outstanding bugs assigned to me: 35

you know, life as a programmer is not at all what it’s cracked up to be. not at all. i’ve spent more time fixing bugs for this project that i’ve been working on than i care to really admit. now, mind you, some could say that a good programmer would write code that isn’t so buggy. while others of you, the ones you code for a living, realize that bugs are just a fact of life, just like high blood pressure and taxes.

the sad thing is that QA isn’t done bug testing yet, so there are going to be a flood of new bugs coming in when they start working again tomorrow.

at least i gave them something to do.


that’s consolation.



laptop power adapter

i don’t know what it is with my luck and power adapters, but my power adapter for my laptop died last night. for no good reason whatsoever…though, i guess there could really be no good reason for it dying ever, anyway, but i digress.

i’m now trying to figure out how i get the warranty for my laptop to get this thing fixed. it’s rather disappointing how quickly it has died… so sad.