tour of the islands


[url=]dardy[/url], [url=]geoff[/url], [url=]paul[/url], nelson, and i went to check out treasure island and yerba buena island on saturday for a little photo shoot. dardy took an astonishing *9* photos while we were out there and i think geoff took about 30 or so.

i was sort of shocked because i was pushing around 150 pictures taken for the day, and i felt like i was holding back a little.

i think that i’ve fallen in love with my canon 15mm fisheye lens, but i’m trying really, really hard not to taken too many pictures with the shot. i don’t want to get sick of the effect or to overuse it, but as i was processing images, i noticed that i had a heavy bias for the fisheye images. i think 11 of the 24 images i posted up used the fisheye lens. ugh! that’s just too much. i need to settle down a little bit.

conditions were kind of crummy, overcast and hazy for the most part. i tried to do some post-processing magic, but there’s only so much you can do.

i’m curious to see how other people’s images came out, to see what each of us saw at the same location.

power supply

my replacement power supply is on the way and should be shipped to me today. it’s very exciting. after a week of not being able to use my laptop, i’m very excited to get it charged back and restored to its former glory.

in this week, i’ve realized that my old laptop is pretty slow, but it is functional. i finally got it to play back videos so that sort of makes it more bearable. i’m not sure what i would do with it, though, i think that i’ve been spoiled with the speed of my new laptop.


tru calling

fox has finally aired the first episode of the second season of tru calling! now, i’m not sure what it was about this show that i loved last season, but i sort of thought that this first episode was a little awkward.

oh well, i hope that it continues to air and do well. otherwise, that’s another show that i will have to ax from my ever-growing list of shows to watch.

super bowl halftime show

i haven’t had a chance to blog about it yet, but i thought that the superbowl halftime show was really, really bad. am i the only one who felt this way? completely unexciting, boring, and just way out of vogue.

oh well, at least it was safe.

and the pregame show…did anyone else notice that it was called the best darn super bowl road show? well, golly gee, wilbur, look at that.