if i fall, will you fall too?

it feels like so long ago that i have felt like this. it’s a familiar feeling, but foreign at the same time. when i think of her, i get goosebumps. maybe it’s just the newness of things. i wonder if maybe i’m just deeply in lust instead of love…but could just unadulterated happiness really come out of something as fleeting as lust?

it’s weird that i say this because i know that i’ve lived before, but i don’t know how it was possible that i have lived until i breathed the same air that she breathes. everything else jis but a shadow of what today is now.

i think that when i think about her and me now, i think about how right it feels. in the past, i think that i felt that things did feel good, but there was something that just didn’t fit. the way that things fit now with my personality, with my lifestyle, with my day to day life, it’s seemingly perfect.

my days light up when i think about her and my nights long for her to be by my side. if only she could know how much she has impacted my life. if only she could know that as quickly as she entered my life, she has managed to capture my heart and fill it with a joy that words can only begin to describe, but forever fail to detail.

she is my life, and i hope that i am hers.

introducing the all new, fully equipped 2005 honda accord hybrid, my baby, “jenna”.


5 thoughts on “if i fall, will you fall too?”

  1. *sigh* how did I know even before clicking on (more…) that this “she” is an inanimated object? ๐Ÿ™„

  2. i knew you’d never speak THAT passionately about an actual female… at least not to anyone but that female. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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