steak dinner

i am so excited! i am going to be making a steak dinner tonight. i haven’t had steak in a long, long time. i think that i will make a truly decadent steak dinner. mmmm. i’m happy just thinking about it. go figure, eh?

i wish that i had brought my camera so that i could take a picture of the joy that it will be. =P

it’s all over

the volleyball tournament is over and i think that it went pretty smoothly. i’m pleased that it is all over and i think that i’m also rather pleased at the general turn out. i think everyone had a good time.

i’m going to be going to sleep for a long time now. my body is still aching and i think that i’ve developed a sore back. luckily, i am not playing volleyball this week, so i think it will be a good rest. but i’m going camping this weekend so it looks like no rest for the weary.


it’s ridiculously early in the morning on sunday. the tournament yeserday went mixed. all of the people i talked to seemed to have a good time, but other people seemed to hear some complaints. i’m not really sure how the tournament was really going anymore. i will choose to believe that it went fine.

after the first day of play, the committee went around and seeded the pools of teams for the second day of play. my involvement in this, i thought, was supposed to be pretty large, but what ended up happening was a few people seemed to take over and completely change what i had envisioned what the tournament would look like. in fact, i think that there are more people who would be unhappy at the way the tournament ended up today than what i had planned.

i was pretty unhappy with how today has turned out roster-wise. i didn’t appreciate at all the attitudes that some people were giving me, particularly because i feel that they had been given ample opportunity to provide feedback to me, but never did. i don’t think it is fair to complain about how things were run if you weren’t going to be proactive enough to help.

i made a particular effort yesterday to go around to captains and talk to them about their team placements to see if they liked where they were at, particularly the teams that i felt were borderline teams and may need to be bumped up or down. i wanted to make sure that they players had a good time, and unfortunately, i feel like all of my efforts have gone wasted because things didn’t end up the way that i wanted to.

i’ve decided that running this tournament has really soured my experience and i don’t plan to run another tournament. it’s just too frustrating.

this tournament hasn’t been run for a few years now because they couldn’t get people to run it. i guess part of the reason why that’s the case could be because no one would want to. =P

but it’s all over and i guess i’m thankful that it went without too many problems.