in escrow

so we’re in escrow now.

the above statement carries with it so many implications it’s hard to know where to begin.
1) we have to pay a lot of money to buy this house.
2) we no longer have any money. =P
3) we have to clean up and furnish this house now…did i mention that we have no money?
4) we still have a wedding to pay for…how that works out, i’m not entirely sure.
5) but mostly, i’m always left wondering, where did all my money go??

still, having a house is exciting. we get keys next week if everything goes to plan. hopefully a few weeks after that, we’ll have all of the things that need fixing fixed up. my mom doesn’t have a lot of faith in my home improvement skills. i guess we’ll have to see just how much i remember!

outside of the house stuff, wedding planning is still moving along fine. we’ve still got some time left so there’s not too much stress there.

i’ve been working on a new gallery and posting some new pictures up that have been waiting forever to see the light of day. hopefully that’ll be coming soon.