drive…such sweetness, such shortness

the FOX network aired a new show, drive, for the last couple of weeks. i’m a big fan of the show and i can’t believe that it has gotten the ax already! that makes me sad. i actually really liked the whole idea of an illegal, underground, cross-country secret race. i thought it was an original idea (maybe one that wouldn’t have much lasting power because you would imagine that the race would end after a season) and i really wanted to see how it would unfold.

maybe i need to stop watching everything under the sun and be a little more discriminating. the real tragedy is that shows like 30 rock, which aren’t nearly as compelling, get renewed orders, but shows that are fresh and new, like drive, get cancelled after only 4 episodes. what tough times we live in.

the holiday

i try to make time out of my busy schedule to make use of my netflix subscription. i think that i’ve figured that it pays itself off if i watch 4 movies a month. that’s not too bad. i can easily watch a movie a week, right?

well it turns out that my movie watching occurs in spurts. i’ll watch two or three movies back to back instead of spacing it out. some months i will watch like 10 movies. others, i will watch 2. it all sort of depends, but i think when it all averages itself out, i’m still in the positive. there’s this compulsion to see at least 4 movies a month, though, because otherwise, i’m just wasting money. and wasting money is a high motivator for me to make the most of whatever it is that i’m spending it on.

i was talking to some friends of mine and they told me that they got an estimate for some work on their house that was an order of magnitude (that’s right, ten times, yo!) more than i was expecting the work to be. that made me a little nervous. is this home owning thing REALLY all that it is cracked up to be? i do wonder!

anyway, i watched the holiday last night and it was surprisingly good. i guess i am a closet cameron diaz fan, now that i think about it, and i never really liked kate winslet, but this movie was well written and i actually enjoyed it despite jack black. go figure, huh?

i watched vacancy in the theatres (how british of me) the other night and despite kate beckinsale, who i LOVE, the movie was awful. simply awful. definitely not worth the $10 it cost to watch it and certainly not worth the two hours of my life that i was deprived of last friday night. i want my life back!