there’s something going around the office and people are dropping like flies. in my row of cubes, there are only two people who are in the office out of eight! the other person is showing signs of illness, too. things don’t bode well. it’s an epidemic, i tell you!

i’m trying to avoid everyone in the office. i don’t want to get sick. just thinking about it makes me feel a little sick. =P

today is the signing of all of the loan documents for the house. crazy as it sounds, i’m excited about it. sure, i’m basically saying that i’m gonna be in debt for a bazillion dollars for the rest of my life, but this is just one of those big milestones that you have to sit back and appreciate.

or you just completely freak out.

i was driving to work today and at the on ramp to the freeway was a homeless guy who was begging for money. what set this guy apart from the others was that while he was holding up his cardboard sign asking for money, he was listening to music on his ipod! there’s something wrong there.