it’s time to fix it up

the house is ours and we’re now in the process of fixing it all up. we’re going to go choose tile for the bathrooms and the kitchen, do some minor repairs, and get the place all painted up. it’s an exciting time and i want to get it all done soon so that i can start moving into the new place. i’ll have to give notice in a week or so to my current apartment and i guess i need to start moving all of my mail over to the new address as well. i really don’t like moving so i think that i will start to throw everything that i don’t use away in the apartment. that is going to be a lot of stuff.

i already have a pile of stuff that i was planning to sell on the cheap, but i think that i will be adding to that.

anyhow, i had a half-baked zachary’s pizza over the weekend. it wasn’t as good as i remember it being. maybe i’m not really as big of a fan of zachary’s as i had thought. maybe it’s just all hype. the new zachary’s in san ramon is pretty big AND they accept credit cards. cool, huh?

i’ve had a lot of pizza in the last few days. sad as it might sound, i think that i might be pizza’d out. is that possible? i’m not even sure. maybe it’s time to switch to burritos for a while.