almost lost my phone

i went to tapioca express last night and hung out with paul and leeya for a little bit. we talked about houses, weddings, and other random things. i had pulled out pictures that i had of leeya for their slideshow. i told her that she has gone through three distinct phases since i’ve known her: fobby leeya, flapper leeya, and today leeya.

fobby leeya was pretty fobby. =P

flapper leeya had floppy hair.

and today leeya looks like leeya today.

then we went through pictures to figure out which phase she was in during the picture. all good fun. in fact, it was too much fun because when i left, i must have left my phone at the store. it must have fallen out of my pocket because i couldn’t find it at all last night. i decided to call the store to see if they had found it and sure enough they did! phew! i was already thinking about what kind of phone i would have to buy to replace my current phone, but luckily, i don’t have to worry about that now.


work has begun at the house. i went to visit it today after work and the floors are all torn up. i’m going to try to remember to bring a camera with me to take some pictures tomorrow. the toilets have been removed in the bathrooms, the fixtures are all gone, it’s crazy.

the tile has been purchased and they are well underway in installing the tile. after that comes the paint. i’m not sure how long it will take, but i’m hoping that all work will be done by the end of next week.

now that the remodeling is well under way, it’s time to start thinking about how to furnish the house. the most important thing to get is furniture. we are going to replace the refrigerator and we still need to get sofas, tables, and a bunch of other stuff. it looks like there is still a lot of work to be done.

we went to c&k furniture in milpitas over the weekend and weren’t really impressed with the selection there. they have a large selection, just nothing in our style, really. so i think the massive furniture hunt begins. if anybody knows of any good furniture stores, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

being a new homeowner, there are things that i notice now that i’ve never noticed before. “oh, look at the tile work at this place.” or “oh, look at the cabinets here.” i never cared before, but i am finding myself noticing all of these things now and it is just crazy.

i just want to move in and be done with it already.

the biggest dilemma i have right now is how i’m going to wire the house. it’s on a concrete slab, so i can’t get under the house to do wiring. the house isn’t wired for ethernet and i need my ethernet, dammit!