work present?

imagine for a moment, all of the sarcasm that you could possibly muster. take that sarcasm and now roll it up into the smallest little ball you can. now imagine an infinite number of these sarcasm balls. got it? ok, hold on to it now. hold it. hold it. now, with all of these sarcastic balls flying about read the next two sentences:

work just gave me a blackberry. i am so excited.

yeah, that’s right. a blackberry. that means that now i am forever connected to my work email if i so desire. that means that work could get ahold of me any time the blackberry is on. did i mention that the blackberry is also a phone? i’m not sure if all blackberrys (blackberries?) are phones, but mine is. oh, the joy.

but, the good news is that i found a multiplayer texas hold ’em app for the blackberry. maybe it isn’t soooo bad. =P