broken water heater

our water heater developed a leak and we had to get it replaced. luckily the water heater was covered under the house warranty so we didn’t have to worry so much about having to pay the whole thing out of pocket. it’s just another one of those things that can just go wrong in your house. how does it feel to be a home owner? still good, but man, there’s a lot of stuff that comes along with it.

and speaking of stuff that comes with being a home owner, no home should go owned without a wii and guitar hero. i took a break from playing it yesterday because i’m getting too frustrated with it, but i think that i’ll be back on tonight!

there’s one song on medium that is just killing me. knights of cydonia by muse. i just can’t get it. it is my nemesis. oh, how i loathe you. but just you wait, i will conquer you!