things that make me happy

it’s sort of silly what sorts of things make me happy at 3AM in the morning. last night, i was going to link an image from the wedding gallery to the blog and it dawned on me that it would be really cool if the image loaded changes every time the blog is loaded. so…i sat down and wrote some code that will do just that.

it was at that moment late last night that i realized the true extent of my geekiness.

tough times, man.

posting pictures

i think that i am generally pretty conservative of the number of photos that i post, but when i went through our photographer’s photos for the wedding, i came up with about 15 pictures that i wanted to post. 15. out of 1500. that can’t be right.

it turns out that i don’t like posting pictures of myself and it being my wedding, it turns out that i’m in a lot of photos! go figure, huh?

but i’ve finally posted the wedding photos. i need to get them into a friendly format for the wedding web page, but for now, they are finally up. i’ve also updated the gallery pages a little. you can use the left and right arrow keys once you’ve clicked on an image to go next/previous.