how to upgrade ram in a dell latitude

i found a link on how to upgrade ram in a dell latitude that absolutely saved my life. on my previous ram upgrades all of the ram sockets were accessible on the bottom of the laptop. needless to say that when i went to upgrade this laptop and found that the laptop did not have two banks for memory, i was terrified that you could only upgrade one bank and had to buy the machine configured with the other bank as is. it just didn’t make sense to me at all!

it turns out that the other memory slot is UNDER THE KEYBOARD. sheesh, talk about inconvenient! but prying off the keyboard wasn’t that bad after i got over how scary it seemed because it seems that it’s a friction/snap fit and you kind of have to torque the keyboard out of its place.

all in all, it was still pretty painless and definitely worth the savings to upgrade yourself instead of paying double for dell to do it for you.

great post on the howto, it saved me!

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