sick as a dog

i’ve been sick as a dog this weekend and slowly getting better with each day. yesterday, i drifted in and out of consciousness. i had the worst chills and hot spells that i could remember in a long while. with two down blankets on me, i was still shivering uncontrollably. at first, i had thought that i had a bad fever (which i still think i did, but was not the root cause of my illness), but later had decided that i actually had the case of bad food poisoning.

i’m not completely sure what it was that did me in, but i think it was the little cesar’s pizza that i had on saturday. it’s the last time that i’m going to have the $5 pizza. i didn’t eat anything on sunday except half a bowl of soup that christi forced me to eat. on monday, i started to feel a little bit better.

right now, my stomach is still turning a little, but the fever and chills have gone away. it’s been a pretty miserable weekend and i just want to feel better soon.

2 thoughts on “sick as a dog”

  1. Usually with food poisoning you have an added food-rejection factor, i.e. your body spews your pizza out thru your mouth and/or your butt. Sounds like you didn’t have to deal with that. In any case, I hope you feel better now. Feeling yucky sucks.

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