bring it on: in it to win it

oh man, this franchise just seems to have a way of alternating good and bad movies. i just fast forwarded through it because i couldn’t bear to watch the movie in realtime. there’s just some awfully bad dialogue in the movie that even i can’t forgive.

i really wanted to like the movie, but i really can’t get myself to do it. too corny, too cheesy, and just too bad.

such a shame, too, i really liked the first and third movies.

3 thoughts on “bring it on: in it to win it”

  1. You know, the only way I’d be able to justify watching it is if somebody convinced me that there was a plot. I remember the first one, and liking it.. I kind of remember the second one (unless I have that confused with the third). What was the plot of this one?

  2. cheerleader goes to cheerleading competition. cheerleader has a rival squad, but unbeknownst to her, she falls for a guy who is a part of this squad. events unfold, there’s a cheer-off, and members from both squads are suspended. the two rival teams need to band together to form one team, work there differences out, and find true love.

    this synopsis actually sounds a lot better than the execution of the movie. =P

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