how to debug javascript in IE?

how do you debug javascript in IE (that’s internet explorer for those of you not in “the know”). =P well, if you have visual studio installed, it’ll come with an excellent script debugger, but that’s a lot of coin to drop just for some javascript debugging.

it turns out that microsoft allows you to download the script debugger for free!

i have always dreaded debugging javascript code in IE because the toolkit was never that good. at my previous job i had visual studio, so i would use the included script debugger, but i was panicking just a little bit because i don’t write c/c++ code anymore and don’t have that installed.

the page worked in firefox! why wouldn’t it work in IE?! *sigh* luckily, i found the debugger and it was enough for me to figure out what was wrong and just saved me about a couple of hours of trying to find out what was wrong.

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