going through netflix faster than a speeding bullet

because there is so little tv on these days, my netflix shipments just aren’t coming fast enough. i’ve been going through movies pretty fast. even though they come pretty quick after i send them out, it’s still pretty slow going. i wonder if it will go out any faster if i drop off the netflix movies at the post office.

i was really disappointed with blood diamond. it just didn’t hold my attention like i thought that it would. suburban girl wasn’t as good as i hoped, i think mostly because i couldn’t believe that sarah michelle gellar’s character would get involved with someone like alec baldwin. i fell asleep to pirates of the caribbean, but i was tired, then forgot that i didn’t see the whole movie and returned it accidentally.

we’ll see if this next shipment has some winners.

3 thoughts on “going through netflix faster than a speeding bullet”

  1. i haven’t seen either movie, but i’ll add it to my queue. dance movies are usually pretty entertaining for me, even if they are a little cheesy.

  2. u should see “kiss kiss bang bang” it’s a good movie w/ Robert Downey Jr & other actors I can’t remember. funny, action, very neat.

    Did u see “Born Into Brothel” it’s about kids that are growing up in the brothels of India. I liked it, though it’s kinda depressing.

    I also like the latest Rocky movie, forgot the title, came out a couple yrs ago. It’s worth checking out. He’s ripped at his old age.

  3. i haven’t seen kiss kiss bang bang or born into brothel. it sounds like born into brothel might be a little too heavy for my tastes, but i’ll check out kiss kiss bang bang.

    i saw rocky balboa and liked it too. i was expecting it to be awful, but it was pleasantly enjoyable.

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