productive around the house

this weekend, before the super bowl, i finally got around to setting up the antenna in the attic to point in the right direction. it turns out that the direction that the antenna needs to point is directly in the path of our neighbor’s house. so much for getting semi-line of sight.

upstairs, i can get HD just enough. but the cable run downstairs is too long. i have no idea how the cable is run in-between the walls, but the run must be long enough to degrade the signal strength. bummer.

there also was a break in the rain so i hopped outside and mowed the lawns. i don’t know how this happened but the gas cap to the lawn mower fell off, maybe because it got bored because it’s been nearly a month since i last used the lawn mower, and all of the gas that was in the tank had evaporated. i had to refill the gas in the mower before it would mow.

i also made a batch of cookies over the weekend, but i didn’t have any vanilla so i substituted almond extract for it instead. the cookies are…different.