super tuesday

today is super tuesday. that’s when a bunch of states around the nation open their polls for voting. the primaries are afoot and i went to the voting poll this morning to cast my vote. when i got there, i was surprised at the voting stalls.

they were TINY! and when i got there, there were no electronic ballots. instead i was given a folder and i thought to myself, “oh great, we’re back to punch voting? i’m i going to have a hanging chad?”

it turns out that because of the concerns of reliability in the electronic voting machines (seriously, how could you screw something like this up??), about one third of california’s voters are going back to paper ballots as the electronics machines have been decertified!

imagine my surprise when i saw the ballots and thought to myself how sad it is that, here in silicon valley, you would think that we would have SOME way to do this with modern technology. alas, no.

instead of punch cards, there is a big ballot with BIG writing. there are broken arrows next to the name of each choice and you fill in the broken arrow to make a full arrow to designate your choice. crazy, huh?

but effective. i can’t imagine how you would screw this up.

i was talking to a friend of mine about the indian tribes gambling props and i told him that it’s confusing because there are so many commercials about them to say yes and no. usually, the commercials are back to back. he told me that i should vote yes on two of them and no on the other two. hahaha, what a solution!

greg’s birthday

i swear, you’d think that we’re 21 or something, but we got greg sloshed for his birthday. i swear i didn’t have anything to drink, but all of my photos turned out blurry. i just don’t know how to use a point and shoot camera. =P

greg got drunk pretty fast and the evening came to an end quickly. he made a few offerings to the porcelain gods while at the restaurant. the highlight of the evening was probably him being offered a shot of 151 and then a shot of tequila as a chaser. his friends are mean.