sara bareilles and james blunt

i went to the sara bareilles and james blunt concert last night. it’s part of the VH1 you oughta know tour. i have always liked sara bareilles’ hit “love song”, but the rest of her songs are equally good. enough so that christi told me that it was ok if i liked her because she could sing…christi just doesn’t appreciate the sheer goodness of people like regina spektor or dido.

ah, dido. when are you going to put out a new album?

we were running a little late, but we were able to catch most of sara’s performance. it’s a good thing too because sara’s performance was quite good. it’s fun to watch people early in their careers. they are still reveling in how their fortunes have turned and how they made it big. at one point, she exclaimed, “we’re at the warfield! the warfield!”

james blunt put on a good show. this is the first time i saw him in concert and though he is ultra popular with the ladies, i gotta say he’s pretty unattractive. and by that, i really mean, kinda ugly. still, the music was good. most of his songs do sound the same to me, but i still like them anyway. the high point of the concert for me was during the performance of “you’re beautiful”1

still, a fun concert to go to. i don’t know if i have ever been to the warfield before. i thought that i had, but it felt a lot smaller than i remember it being. there was a very mixed crowd at the concert from 10 year girls to people who could have been my grandparents. i didn’t see anyone that i recognized.

  1. Yeah, she caught my eye,
    As we walked on by.
    She could see from my face that I was,
    Fucking high,
    And I don’t think that I’ll see her again,
    But we shared a moment that will last till the end.

    at this point when he got to the lyric fucking high, he walked away from the audience and the audience sang at the top of their lungs the missing lyric. []