i love endless.com

i don’t know how i learned about endless.com, but they are a new shoe store powered by amazon.com. they have a pretty decent selection of shoes and sandals. i actually ordered my wedding flip flops from them. they currently offer -$5 overnight delivery. that’s right, they pay you $5 to ship something overnight. crazy, huh?

i ordered something from them this morning and it is expected to arrive sometime tomorrow. talk about great service. it’s better than walking around the mall looking for the right shoe. they allow you to browse by shoe color. just pick a color and then it shows you all of the shoes that match that criteria. very cool.

degrees of sickness

there are several degrees of sickness for me.

the most severe is when i can’t get out of bed. i’m sleeping through most of the day and i have no appetite. getting up out of bed makes me feel worse and so i just lie in bed all day drifting in and out of consciousness.

the mildest cases of illness are probably when i just feel uncomfortable all day long and want to be in bed instead, but can function and think clearly.

it’s the somewhere inbetween of those two extremes where i’m at right now. i’ve been taking some medication and it’s been helping, but i’m still sick. i sometimes have this bad cough, but it isn’t persistent. i feel a little light headed, but not dizzy. i still have my appetite. and let me tell you how appreciative i am about that.

i have been trying to eat better, but it’s been hard to eat better when sick. usually i end up getting won ton soup. i don’t know why, but i feel that it has some kind of magic restorative powers that will help me feel better. it’s easy on the stomach and tastes delicious.

today, though, when i go home for lunch, i plan to eat some pizza. i got some take home pizza from costco and the plan now is to take it, bake it, and enjoy. we’ll see how that goes.

i’ve been going to sleep really early this week because i haven’t been feeling well. though i’m sleeping a lot, i don’t feel like i’m getting good rest. it kind of sucks. oh well, hopefully, i’ll feel better soon!