closet system came in!

that’s right, i came into the office to discover that the closet system i ordered has arrived! excellent! now it’s time to clear out the closet and figure out how to get this all to work. darn it! i just returned paul’s stud finder to him too! now i’m going to need to borrow it again…or find someone who has one…

the closet system is HEAVY. each box is 20 pounds…and i bought three boxes. and i’m going to have to lug them upstairs… still, it’ll be cool to finally be able to organize the closet. i guess this sort of incents me to do laundry and sift through all of the things in the closet that i’ve been trying to ignore for a while now. =P

more rumblings about the ps3

now that i’ve had a couple of nights to play with the ps3, i have a few new observations:
1) the 40 GB model only comes with 2 USB ports. rock band requires (up to 4) USB ports to play. one for each instrument. the rock band kit comes with a guitar, microphone, and a drum set. this means that out of the box, you cannot play rock band with more than two people with a 40GB ps3 unless you have a USB hub. luckily, i had bought a cheap unpowered USB hub years ago that seems to work just fine. i don’t think it’ll power the drums, but the mic and guitar work off it just fine.

2) a good blu-ray movie is stunning, but not all blu-ray movies are stunning. watched talladega nights (leslie bibb is ridiculously hawt in the movie, btw) and the quality of the video was a little grainy and gritty for me.

3) i hate that the ps3’s only media streaming method is via a UPnP media server that is DLNA capable.

4) divx/xvid video playback works great. there doesn’t appear to be any quick 30 second/10 minute skip forward or backward, though. that really sucks. i suspect it is because a streaming server is being used, but i’m not sure if that’s just because my streaming server doesn’t have that feature or if that’s the way the technology works. either way, i’m bummed because the solution i have right now is probably the solution that i’m going to end up using forever.

5) i really love the logitech mediaboard pro keyboard.